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United Kingdom
Excellent. Really liked the idea of the rectangular shape to use for tactics in teaching various activities. Prompt delivery, would recommend to others. Thank you.


Glassboard Custom Size

Any size, any colour

We're the only company specialized in custom production of glassboards, from 1 up to 1.000.000 pieces. A large variety of boards can be made on order, fully to custom requirements. Follow the three steps below for your custom glassboard of choice! 

1 Choose your glassboard type
We offer multiple types of glassboards, each with its own field of appliance. You can choose for our regular Glass Series Magnetic, or for our Glass Series Transparent boards.

Glass type
Magnetic, non transparent
Magnetic, suited for projection

Pin board custom

2 Choose your colour
Once you have determined your type of glassboard, it's time to choose the colour. Colouring is not possible for our Glass Series Transparent.

12 vibrant colours
We offer 12 vibrant colours that bring every room to life.


3 Choose your size
The only limit of Glass Series boards, is the point where it gets vulnerable to shocks and it might break. Although all glass we use is tempered safety glass and withstands the highest quality norms in the fields of safety, there is a limit. We analyze this carefully, offering you a maximum size of 120x240 cm. Anything within this size goes!

Glassboard custom

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