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Would be good if there was better guidance on dimensions (i.e. approx equivalent to A0, A1, A2, A3 etc paper sizes).


Glassboard Planning Series

Durable printed glassboards
Competitively priced!
Virtually any planner
Custom design possible!

Glassboard Planning Series

Our Planning Series glassboards are pre-printed with a wide variety of planner designs. These designs are all printed underneath the dry erasable surface, keeping all of the dry erasable characteristics of the board fully intact and functional. Next to that, the print on the planner itself stays in perfect shape throughout the use of the board, for many years. A robust and functional solution!

We offer a wide range of planning boards in multiple designs and sizes. Ranging from planners for a day, week, month or a full year planning, from sizes 45x60 cm up until 120x240 cm. If you have a custom planning, or you want your logo to be displayed on the planning board, we can also manufacture your custom design! Please contact our sales department for advice and a quote.

Please select your desired type of planner from the overview below.

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